Purchasing industrial, commercial or investment real estate? Amtrust Group is the right partner to guide you through this major investment and find the right mortgage product to suit your business goals. We have relationships with a vast network of lenders who offer mortgages on commercial retail, office, hotel, industrial, self storage, nursing homes, retirement residences, builders inventory, multi-residential rental apartments, condominium and town home projects. Whatever your commercial mortgage needs, our Mortgage Brokers can help.

  • Investment loans
  • Revolving loans
  • Leasing
  • Debt restructuring

Solutions for business

Investment loans

Investment loans are granted to companies with current or potential creditworthiness, which require immediate financial support for their development or expansion. This type of loan fills the gap in the company's current investment fund and thus aids the growth of enterprises - including the ones fresh on the market.


  • a wide range of financing options
  • supplementing the company's capital in order to finance the development or reconstruction (modernization) of its assets
  • acquiring the means to increase the initial assets
  • increasing the return on equity
  • various forms of security: mortgage on property, pledges on machinery, bills, guarantees

Revolving loans

Revolving loan in the current account, credit account or line of credit are the solutions most suitable for managing the loan's expenses. 


  • the loan can be used for any purpose related to the company's current operations
  • improvement of financial liquidity
  • you shall have no problems with incoming invoices, as you will always be able to take advantage of the credit funds
  • flexible conditions
  • the loan can be obtained and paid back in a single operation or in tranches
  • quick decision process
  • minimal amount of formalities


The polish market features a few dozen of companies specialized in real estate leasing. Choosing the cheapest and most suitable offer can be both difficult and time-consuming. That is why, we decided to provide a counseling service, in order to find the most favorable and affordable offers for our clients. Leasing is a form of investment financing available to companies and individuals engaged in business activities. The agreement may concern any object of investment, which can serve as its amortization (vehicles, cars, machinery, office equipment and such). More and more companies however, decide to lease the commercial properties.

Leasing migh be used to finance:

  • buildings, office and commercial spaces
  • warehouses, hotels
  • industrial properties


  • release of frozen funds in real estate, followed by the improvement of company's financial liquidity (lease-back)
  • long term financing, up to 100% of the investment's value
  • adjustment of the lease payments to the expected profitability of the company
  • optimization of tax benefits
  • affordable financing sources

Debt restructuring

The debt restructuring is available to:

  • companies with existing debts preventing them from taking further advantage of bank loans and other forms of external financing
  • companies with existing debts preventing them from carrying out ongoing operations without conducting additional actions to improve financial liquidity
  • companies wanting to consolidate their debt and lower its cost
  • entities undertaking the corrective actions

What can be achieved:

  • increased loan's value
  • increased financing period
  • lower interest rate
  • change of loan's currency
  • debt consolidation
  • change of financing method
  • grace period for loan repayment