Services Overview


Residential mortgages

Whether you're buying your first home or your next home, or you need refinancing, we have the tools to help answer your questions every step of the way. Check for solutions

Commercial mortgages

Whether you’re purchasing a new investment property or refinancing existing assets, Amtrust Group  can offer you competitive fees, interest rates and loan to value ratios. Check for solutions

Construction Loans

Amtrust Group considers construction financing for any viable project for building single family homes or loans to experienced and reputable real estate developers for constructing a variety of commercial and residential projects. Check for solutions

Insurance services

Whether you are insuring your car or looking for the most comprehensive homeowners insurance, we have the policy selection to provide you with the best quality coverage. Check for solutions

Leasing services

Our Leasing Specialists can assist you with all of your growing business or start-up needs. From leasing of vehicles and buildings, to furniture, computers, machines and equipment. Check for solutions

Real estate services

If you are looking for property to buy in Poland or tailor-made solutions for financing of real estate projects, we can help you. Check for solutions

Why us


Free & unbiased

Amtrust Group provides individual customers with a free quotations. Our advisers will recommend a selection of various financial products including mortgages. They search the market for best obtainable mortgage bargains on day to day basis which means you don't need to. As we are independent broker they will cover the whole of the mortgage sector, meaning they aren't bound to a restricted panel of lenders.


At Amtrust Group, it's all about choice. We have long lasting partnerships with a vast network of lenders. Our experienced advisors have access to more than 20 lending institutions, including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders. We help homeowners ask the right questions, compare rates and privileges, design a mortgage based on their needs, and understand how to make their mortgage work for them.


Our advisors are carefully chosen for their reputation and depth of experience in the industry. Each advisor adheres to and demonstrates high professional standards. If you're like most people, a mortgage represents your largest and lowest-cost debt obligation, and your home is your most significant asset. Proper planning can save you lots of money, that's why working with an experienced Mortgage Broker is so important.

​More than rates

Amtrust Group offers more than great rates. Of course, low rates are important for paying less interest over the long term, but there's much more to consider. Our advisors will help you find a mortgage with a great rate and the right mortgage privileges. At Amtrust Group, we know you want a customized mortgage plan, as well as an advisor who understands your needs and keeps in touch throughout your mortgage years.