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Mortgage in Poland

Just like any advanced economy Poland has a developed mortgage market with a number of lenders offering a great variety of Polish mortgages. Mortgages in Poland are sold either directly by the lenders or through mortgage brokers. And just like any other developed mortgage market there are big differences in the costs and terms of the Polish mortgages on offer.

Although the interest charged on all Polish mortgages is calculated as a function of the base rate set by the central bank, beyond that mortgage lenders in Poland are relatively free to set the charges and terms of the Polish mortgages they offer. This translates into significant differences between Polish mortgages in terms of their costs and conditions. Not only do Polish mortgages vary in their attractiveness from bank to bank, they also vary considerably within the same bank, and even from branch to branch. 

​With so many potential lenders, many of which who do not market their Polish mortgage to foreign buyers, it is difficult if not impossible for foreigners to find the best deals on the market. So it is highly likely that you will end up with a relatively expensive and inflexible Polish mortgage that will cost you thousands of Euros more that you need to pay over the lifetime of the mortgage.

Therefore a good Polish mortgage broker, with the experience in helping non-residents to apply for a loan, is an essential member of your team of experts.

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Amtrust Group has been providing completely independent mortgage advice since 2009. In that time we have grown to become one of top mortgage brokers in Poland in assisting local and foreign investors to secure Polish mortgages for residential and investment properties in Poland. We can finance properties Poland-wide and we regularly work with international borrowers. 


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We have a panel of over 20 lenders to choose from which ensures that you are getting the best residential or commercial mortgage in Poland. As independent financial advisers we are not tied to a single product provider, which means we can provide advice that is completely impartial. Whatever products are available on the market we will find the best deal for you.


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We will help you choose the best mortgage loan among the available products offered by all reputable high-street banks. We will assist and guide you through the entire application process. We can help you with remortgaging, buy to let mortgage, secured loan, construction loan and any other type of mortgage you need in Poland.